Refurbished Elliptical Machines

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, or just someone investigating home workout equipment, elliptical machines are an excellent investment as you probably already know. However, so many people are struggling to keep a roof over their head and put food on the table these days, much less purchase a several thousand dollar item like an elliptical trainer. I mean, it’s tough these days, isn’t it? Fortunately for those of you on a strict budget, there are several ways to find used refurbished elliptical machines for sale.

Fitness Equipment Suppliers

Dealers, fitness centers and fitness equipment service companies are a great place to start. When a gym upgrades their equipment, often older equipment is sent back to the dealer, who then must refurbish and resell it. In most cases, they’ll be happy to entertain a reasonable purchase offer. If a used machine has been maintained well (which most gyms do since they have them serviced regularly), buying this way could be better than buying from an individual.

Classifieds and Garage Sales

A second, less attractive option to find cheap refurbished elliptical machines is to buy through an individual advertising it for sale, or at a garage sale. For those of you in the U.S., Craigslist is probably the best place to start browsing online ads. Ebay is another option, but I find Craigslist much easier to surf and find what I’m looking for. There is literally a ton of commerce flowing through Craigslist, which makes finding used and discount elliptical machines quite easy. I’m even looking to unload a 10 year old Nordic Track cross country ski machine on CL at the moment.

Beware that you’ll probably get biassed info when asking sellers questions about their experience and quality of the machine. You only have their word to go on, so you should likely perform more due diligence when going this route. You want to be as educated as possible when buying refurbished elliptical machines.

Deep Discounts With Online Liquidation Sales

Many online retailers and manufacturers of fitness equipment often have liquidation sales offering amazing – in many cases – better than used or refurbished prices. Check out our elliptical machine buyer’s guide for more information.

Considerations when buying refurbished elliptical machines

  1. Retail Price – Make sure the item sells above $1,500 – $2,000 retail. When buying used, the discount will be so attractive in many cases that considering low end, economy class machines is asking for trouble. You’ll likely experience wear and tear issues after a bit of use. So buying commercial grade, serviceable equipment is best.
  2. Scan the Reviews – You want to make sure you do some light research on the machine you’re considering. Check out it’s reviews, track record, durability, reputation, etc. For more guidance, view our post on elliptical reviews.
  3. Interview Owners – If you can track down any owners of the elliptical you’re considering, this is one of the best forms of due diligence you can take.
  4. Request a Trial Period – This is more likely to be honored if buying through a dealer or used fitness equipment store than through an individual for obvious reasons. A dealer or reseller will not be as urgent to sell the machine as that of an individual. But it’s still worth taking a stab at the possibility.

Hopefully this post will put you on the right track to finding that inexpensive elliptical you’re looking for. For more buying info, see our elliptical machine buyer’s guide.

Are there any discount fitness equipment sellers you’ve gotten a really good deal from – or do you have a suggestion on finding deep discounts on refurbished elliptical machines?