Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Here’s where you can find top elliptical trainer reviews on brands and models. My reviews are mostly first hand, but of course, I don’t get a chance to test all the models.

However, I’ll make an attempt to personally use the most popular and top elliptical cross trainers so if you’re in the market to purchase one, or just researching which one to use at the gym, you can feel confident in your decision. In addition to the elliptical trainer reviews below, I highly recommend checking out my elliptical machine buying guide and my comprehensive elliptical machine workout page.

The Horizon EX-79 elliptical machine is one level up from a model I previously reviewed, the EX-69 here. The EX-79 elliptical trainer was previously the EX-78 and features the same high-quality performance as the previous model, but at a lower price! Additionally, it offers an upgraded arched footpads for increased comfort. At only $999 […]

The Horizon Fitness EX-69 is a high quality, extreme value elliptical trainer one level above the EX-57 I previously reviewed. Both Horizon and Livestrong elliptical machines are made by the very reputable fitness machine maker Johnson Manufacturing whose been around for years. If you’re considering a similar quality/price machine by another maker, the extended 1 […]

As with all Schwinn elliptical machines, the Schwinn 460 variable stride elliptical is built by Nautilus, one of the most reputable companies in fitness equipment. I was able to give this machine a whirl for about 20 minutes at a local fitness machine retailer – I like to do as many first hand reviews as […]

The Schwinn 431 elliptical machine (made by Nautilus) is one step up from the popular 430 model that came out in 2006. While maintaining a similar feature base, small footprint and performance of the 430, the 431 offers several upgrades, such as a backlit console display, heavier 25 lb flywheel, more programs to choose from, […]

The Horizon EX-57 is an excellent budget choice for those of you needing a durable, dependable elliptical trainer, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a top of the line machine. This is not a first hand review as I haven’t gotten a chance to hunt down the EX-57 to put it through […]

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