Horizon Fitness EX 57

The Horizon Fitness EX 57 elliptical machine is an excellent budget choice for those of you needing a durable, dependable elliptical trainer, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a top of the line machine.

This is not a first hand review as I haven’t gotten a chance to hunt down the Horizon Fitness EX 57 elliptical machine to put it through the motions at all – but I have gotten a chance to research the machine and collect some valuable data that hopefully can save some of you visitors some time.

Overview and Features

One of the things I like about this machine right off the bat is it’s heavy 14-pound flywheel. Light flywheels tend to prevent machines from maintaining pedal and arm momentum during the stride, preventing the machine to make a nice smooth, quiet motion. The EFX isn’t one of them. It provides a balanced, quiet, continuous motion that is carried through the entire stride, even during very rigorous workouts.

The flywheel also has a magnetic brake which makes the resistance consistent throughout the workout, increasing your fat loss and calories burned. Another nice touch is the instep-design of the flywheel that allows shorter uses to easily mount the machine – unlike other machines in this class.

Another selling point for the Horizon Fitness EX 57 elliptical machine is the Ergoflow elliptical geometry, which Horizon says is build for your body, not for you to fit the machine. Many people prefer feet pads that are closer together to match a more natural walking or running motion, so on the Horizon Fitness EX 57 elliptical machine, they’ve been brought closer together. To further remove stress on the feet, ankles, knees, and overall body, Horizon has incorporated a pivoting footpad they say imitates how your foot’s position moves as you move forward. Personally, I don’t mind a somewhat contrived motion that some ellipticals force users into, as long as it’s not comfortable and doesn’t affect the workout quality – but your opinion may vary on this issue.

As for the console, it contains nine goal-oriented programs. Users can set time, distance, and calories. Additionally, three terrains are available – manual, reverse train, and hills. The easily visible, and easy to use LCD screen provides you with all the data you need at a glance, helping you reach your goals.


    • Electronic resistance
    • Resistance range: up to 8 resistance levels
    • Flywheel: 14.3-pound flywheel for fluid, quiet motion
    • Step-on height: 9.8 inches
    • Stride length: 18 inches
    • Pedal spacing: 2.8 inches
    • Screen: Non-backlit LCD (2.4 x 4.8 inches)
    • Programs: 9 total
    • Program type: Choose 1 of 3 different goals (time, distance, calories) and 1 of 3 terrains (manual, reverse train, and hills)
    • Weight capacity: 275 pounds
    • Dimensions: 29 x 67 x 55 inches (W x H x D)
    • Total Weight: 163 pounds
    • Warranties: Lifetime on frame; 20 years on brake; 1 year on parts and labor

My Opinion of the Horizon EX-57

The EX-57 is Horizons answer to (or at least competes against) the Schwinn 430 which I reviewed here.They both fit in the sub $1000 category, and are similarly priced at around $500, the EX-57 at $509.86 from Amazon. Although the Schwinn 430 seems to be much more popular from my research, the Horizon Fitness EX 57 elliptical machine actually has two immediate advantages, being it’s 1 year parts warranty (vs 90 days with the 430) and the slightly less expensive price tag. Personally, I can make a comparison since I haven’t gotten a chance to ride the EX-57, so I don’t have an opinion relating to the comparison.

From my research the Horizon Fitness EX 57 elliptical machine is very quiet during use and it won’t bother people in other rooms of your home. Of course all elliptical trainers make some humming noises, but nothing you’ll hear over your iPod at medium volume. As with the 430 the footprint is very small, allowing you to tuck it away in the corner of a room without being to obtrusive.

As with any sub $1,000 machine, quality will suffer slightly and materials won’t be as solid as machines above the $2,000 level. But overall I can recommend this product to anyone looking for an elliptical machine that will test your fitness level.

Here’s a promo video I found for the Horizon Fitness EX 57 elliptical machine you may want to view. There’s also some good advice on choosing a machine for purchase.