Precor Elliptical Reviews

Below are some of our Precor Elliptical Reviews:

Precor elliptical machines consistently rank among the best, and for good reason – the Precor USA company has been building the finest, most durable fitness equipment in the industry for over 20 years.

An international company with headquarters in Washington, Precor manages their reputation very well by standing behind their products like no other fitness equipment company. In fact, Precor offers a full 10 year limited warranty on their equipment. One of the most distinguishing aspects about Precor is their meticulous attention to natural body movement and motion, which is evidenced by the quality workout and long lasting durability of their elliptical trainers.

Reputation Among Fitness Professionals

Home fitness equipment rarely lives up to the standards commercial and club quality machines do, but fitness professionals agree that the Precor EFX lineup is as close as it gets. They have most of the same features, offer a similar workout, and don’t need to be serviced with the regularity other elliptical brands do.

The Precor EFX 5.37 elliptical trainer is the the highest of the EFX models for home use. It is very comparable to Precor’s commercial grade machines, both in features and quality and durability. Like the Precor 5.33 elliptical trainer I previously reviewed, the 5.37 features the adjustable CrossRamp® and variable stride technology, silky smooth motion…

There’s no disputing the competitiveness of the elliptical trainer market these days, but perhaps one of the best high end elliptical machines is the Precor EFX 5.33. Even fitness professionals agree, the EFX line by Precor is the most durable and long lasting among gym quality ellipticals. Perhaps that’s why the Precor reputation is so…