Sole E35

After doing quite a bit of research into the Sole Fitness Company and their fitness machines, I decided to take a closer look at their line of elliptical trainers, which consists of the E25, E35, E55 and E95. The Sole E35 elliptical machine, one of the least expensive models from the lineup, is an exceptional value for the low price of only $1,300 – as you’ll see below.


The Sole E35 elliptical machine features a heavy 25 lb front drive flywheel, including a high gear ratio most models in this price range don’t have. This makes for an extremely quiet, fluid drive system you can barely hear, especially above your MP3 player. Coincidentally, if you don’t have your own MP3 player, the E35 integrates it’s own right into the LED console. While some think the MP3 player is useless, I found it quite clear with sufficient volume.

The Sole E35 elliptical machine console features a 6.5-inch blue LCD display, including windows for resistance, calories burned, distance, time, and pulse. Aside from the MP3 player, the console features other addons like a built-in cooling fan, and a water bottle holder.

Workout Options and Programs

As for workout options, the E35 features two customizable heart-rate-controlled programs. You can see your heart rate at any time and adjust the resistance to stay in your optimal zone. The Sole E35 elliptical machine also boasts six automatic programs and two customizable programs.

I found the oversize pedals quite comfortable, especially the 2-degree inward slope design, which Sole Fitness says helps with ankle and knee stress. The foot beds are also very adjustable, allowing for people with small or large feet to use the machine comfortably.


  • Upper body workout option
  • 20″ stride length
  • 16 resistance options
  • 6 inch backlit LCD display
  • Eddy Current Braking System
  • Chest Strap or Hand Grip Heart Rate Monitor
  • 2 directional (reverse and forward) drive motion
  • 300 lb capacity
  • 200 lb weight
  • Warranty – Lifetime on frame, 5 years parts and electronics, 2 years labor


My Opinion of the Sole E35

The Sole E35 elliptical machine is quite impressive for a machine in the $1,000 – $1,500 price range. It’s heavy duty construction is what you’d expect in a gym quality cross trainer, but without the commercial fitness equipment price tag. The frame was very solid and didn’t flex when I increased my revolution speed to my maximum. The stride resistance felt smooth and consistent throughout, presumably because the flywheel is so heavy and solid. Sole ellipticals definitely exceed expectations for home use in my opinion, and the E35 is no exception even though it’s one of the most affordable.

As for the built in amenities like the MP3 player and fan, I personally thought they were nice additions. The MP3 player sounds much better with headphones than without however. I typically don’t use these kinds of features and pay much more attention to build and frame quality, durability, drive resistance, etc. These are the qualities you want to pay close attention to when considering the purchase of elliptical exercise machines. You can read a lot more about what I look for from my dedicated elliptical machines page.

As an aside, I heard Sole offers a $235 setup option if you’re not the handy type, or don’t have friends to help you lug it into your workout room. This may be well worth it to some.